48 Hours in Kraków

Last month me and the girls decided to take a little trip to Kraków in Poland. It’s something we’d been talking about for a while but never got round to booking, so at the back end of last year we decided it was time and we booked our flights and accommodation.

We booked this as a package through Expedia and got a really good deal. Our flights where with Ryan Air – now I’m not going to sit here and big Ryan air up as a great airline, because they’re not! Actually in my opinion, the only good thing about them is that their flights are cheap…as long as you don’t want any add ons. So if you’re looking for cheap flights and aren’t too fussed about the service then they are a good choice.

We flew from Manchester to Kraków and it took around two and a half hours. We were staying at the Your Place Victoria Apartments. Before even getting to the apartment they were fabulous. They organised our airport transfer and had our driver waiting for us in arrivals with a little sign like you see in the films! Our flight landed at 11pm ish so as it was late we went straight to the apartment for some well needed sleep before our 8am pick up.

Now before I go on to what we did in Kraków I just want to rave about the apartment for a moment. The location was perfect, within a 10 minute walk of the main square, with a shop near by. The only downside was the reception was in a different building however it was only a 5 minute walk away and they left us a map to locate it. There were 5 of us on the trip with enough room for 6 people to sleep, it had a tv, WiFi, kitchen and the cutest little balcony. I couldn’t recommend this place enough!

Right, let’s get on to what we did on our trip.

On our first day we went to the Auschwitz- Birkenau sites – like I said before with an 8am pick up. We booked our tickets before we went, there’s loads of sites out there to get your tickets from and they all pretty much offer the same packages including pick up, a guided tour and transportation between the two sites. Visiting these sites is a MUST if you’re visiting Kraków and I think it’s something everyone should see if their lifetime. I’m not going to lie to you, it is a very emotional place and it’s hard to imagine that something like this ever happened, not that long ago. So please be prepared before you go for this and what you may see.

Now, before we went we knew the weather was going to be cold, but I don’t think we prepared ourselves for actually how cold it was going to be and that there would be snow. So as a warning, if you’re going to visit around February time, make sure you pack your warmest clothes, lots of layers and a hat to keep your little ears warm.

After visiting the Auschwitz – Birkenau sites we decided to take a stroll around the main market square and honestly it is such a lovely place. So many cute cafes, impressive buildings and even horse and carts. We took a little stop off at this cute little coffee shop and sampled some chocolate dumplings which are a delicacy in Poland. They were delicious and so would definitely recommend trying them.

In the evening we were spoilt for choice for where to eat as there were so many restaurants in the square, all reasonably priced. You will find this everywhere in Poland, as they don’t use the Euro but the polish Zloty. We decided on a lovely Italian restaurant in the end but everywhere looked so good.

On our second day in Kraków we visited the Salt Mines based on recommendations from family and friends who had been before. Again we booked our tickets before, however they didn’t include transport this time. The apartment were more than happy to book a taxi for us, who waited for us whilst we were on the tour and then took us back once we’d finished.

The Salt Mines were really impressive, they have lakes, chandeliers and you can even get married down there. I will warn you that you have to go down 57 flights of steps (my legs were aching the next day) so be prepared. Don’t panic though, they have a lift to bring you back up. However these lifts are very small and slightly claustrophobic so bear that in mind when booking the trip.

We finished our 48 hours in Kraków with a trip to the Hard Rock Cafe, as me and the girls always do whenever we visit a new city. One of our friends collects the cocktails glasses so we always make sure we go so she can pick one up.

I honestly couldn’t recommend Kraków enough for a cheap getaway whether it be with friends, a boyfriend or family. It has something for everybody and it isn’t a destination that will break the bank.

If you have any questions or want any more information, please send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

With love, Vicky xoxo

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