Visiting Iceland

If Iceland isn’t on your bucket list of countries to visit in your lifetime then you need to add it on immediately. Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited with the most breathtaking views. It can be pretty pricey but it’s worth it, I promise you!

When to go

Before booking your holiday to Iceland you really need to pick carefully what time of the year to go in. If you go in summer you may be disappointed with the lack of snow you’ll see and if you go around Christmas time the weather may stop you going on certain trips. You also have to bear in mind the amount of sunlight they get each day, with some points in the year the sun rising at 11 in the morning and setting at 3 in the afternoon. We went in February and this was the perfect time to visit; everywhere was covered in snow, it didn’t stop us going on any trips we booked and we got a decent amount of daylight (about 8am to 5pm)

What to pack

I’m not joking when I say Iceland is cold, so be prepared! You’ll need layers, lots of layers. I’d also invest in thermals too (you’ll thank me for it when you’re there) Remember the essentials; hat, glove and scarf.

As well as the snow, it is very icy so I would suggest taking a pair of walking boots for both walking around Reykjavik town and going out on your trips.

What to do

There’s a couple of things that you just have to do when your Iceland.

Firstly the blue lagoon, probably the main reason everyone wants to visit Iceland in the first place. This is such a surreal experience; stepping out in a bikini when there’s snow on the ground. But once you’re in the water it’s lovely, it’s such a lovely temperature. We just got a standard ticket so you just get entrance into the lagoon but there are free mud masks which are AMAZING for your skin.

Secondly is the Northern Lights. Your not guaranteed to see these which is a shame. When we went in February, we very nearly didn’t see them but luckily on the last stop on our tour we managed to see them and honestly them are magical. They’re hard to describe and pictures don’t do them justice, it’s just something to have to see with your own eyes. On a side note, wrap up warm as the tours are obviously at night and there’s a lot of standing around trying to find the lights.

Finally I’d recommend The Golden Circle Tour. This is where you really see the beauty of Iceland and the amazing landscapes. On this tour you’ll visit the Gullfoss waterfall, Pingvellir (this is where the tectonic plates are pulling apart causing a rift in the valley and the views and stunning) and the spectacular Geysers. You really get to see what the country is about and is really something you need to see if your going to visit Iceland.

We booked all these tours through Gray Line. I’d really recommend them. They pick you up and drop you off from whichever hotel your staying at and can even arrange your airport transfers.

I hope this helps you on your trip to Iceland and if you want any more information please feel free to email me.I’d also love to hear about any other trips to recommend when visiting Iceland –

With love, Vicky xoxo

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