Top 5 Nude Lipsticks

I wanted to start a little series on my blog where I share with you my top 5 products in a certain beauty category, and where better place to start than my go to, must have product, a nude lipstick.

If anyone knows me they will know that I love a nude lip, not a pinky nude, not a browny nude but a nudey nude ( gals you’ll know what I mean if you too are a nude lipstick lover)

So let’s get in to it….

1. MAC Creme De Nude

My most favouritist lipstick of all time. It is the perfect nude; it’s glossy, it’s moisturising and it compliments my skin tone perfectly – what more could I want!

2. MAC Peach Stock

This is a new lipstick to my collection and where have you been hiding all my life. It’s slightly darker than Creme De Nude but looks just as fab!

3. NYX Soft Matt Lip Cream in Cairo

Sarah Ashcroft inspired me to get this colour and I was not disappointment. It’s a lot lighter on the lips if you’re not a fan of wearing heavy lipstick and as an added bonus it’s smells like Marshmallows!

4. L’Oréal Matte Lip Paint I’m Off-White

This one I bought after rave reviews from my favourite blogger Lydia Millen. It is similar to the Nyx Lip Cream, with it being a much lighter product on the lips and again smells bloody amazing.

5. MAC Velvet Teddy

All the other lip products have been quite similar and this is the one that probably differs the most. This is definitely more on the browny nude side but I still love it just as much. Just a word of warning with this lipstick, it is quite drying in the lips so make sure you put a good lip balm on before applying.

I hope you enjoyed this post in my new little series. If you have any suggestions for any top 5 beauty products you’d like to see them please leave me a comment or drop me an email.

With love, Vicky xoxo

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